What is SharePoint Careers?

SharePoint Careers (BETA) is your destination for resources on SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities, guidance for SharePoint Recruiters, career advice for SharePoint consultants, contractors, and FTE. SPC provides Microsoft Practice Leads with information needed to establish and maintain a successful SharePoint/Collaboration Business Unit.

The SPC Platform was created as the answer to the lack of understanding of SharePoint roles and responsibilities, inconsistencies regarding SharePoint job descriptions, minimal resources for SharePoint professional development, and the serious need for quality assurance in hiring and technical screening due to the insane demand for SharePoint professionals around the world.

SPC is currently in public BETA 1.0 and is currently expanding the Phase I implementation to include support for Guest Posting from the SharePoint community, Podcast, and Video channel.

In 2013, SharePoint Careers will unveil SPC Jobs, a SharePoint-focused job board where reputable (verified) recruiters will be paired with top notch talent.

SharePoint Careers is veteran owned and operated and provides Veterans discount on all packages for Active Duty, Veteran, and Wounded Warrior designations.

For more information on the SPC platform, please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us