SharePoint Careers Editorial Calendar 8/25

by , Posted August 25, 2014 - 8:00

SharePoint Careers is starting the week off strong. Below is our editorial calendar for this week. Look for these articles to be published later on this week.

5 Strategies to Improve Your SharePoint Online Resume Search

There are huge differences between initiating a job search using traditional job fair methods vs. uploading your resume online.
This article will answer the following 3 questions below:
How does an Online Resume Search Differ from Using Attending Job Fair?

What are Necessary Details for an Online Resume?


5 Strategies to Improve Your Next SharePoint Job Interview

I will list 5 solid strategies to improve your interview prospects for your next SharePoint position. Many SharePoint professionals are able to survive the phone screen and make it to the in-person interview, only to struggle greatly when asked specific questions.

The 5 strategies presented within this article will help to address these key areas.


SharePoint Developer position is opening up in Herndon, VA. This position was shared with us by one of our most reliable Recruiters. There will be lots of interest surrounding this position.

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