8 Qualities of a Successful IT Team Leader

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Written by: Akansha Arora

Who is an effective leader? It is someone who has the ability to instill confidence in its team as well as has the vision to contribute to his or her company’s success. Also, an effective leader has the ability to change according to the changing needs of its team.

The traits that make up a good leader can differ depending on the team, organization, role, and work environment. In an organization, IT pros are responsible for a number of things for a successful working day. You probably cannot imagine your workplace without the IT team.

There’s a lot riding on your IT team’s shoulders that serve as the digital backbone of the company. Hence, an IT leader should exhibit a certain set of qualities that enable smooth functioning of IT department.

As an IT leader, you will have to meet a number of challenges and fulfill a number of roles. Here is a run-down of eight essential qualities that should be a part of an IT professional’s resume.

1.    Organizational Abilities

The most valuable asset for any organization is its data. As an IT leader, you should be able to store and organize data as well understand the functioning of new storage devices when they are in a market.

2.    Technical Abilities

Some must have technical skills for an IT leader are:

•    Database design and management

•    Knowledge of modern cyber security techniques

•    Abstract and Algorithmic Thinking

•    Network Support

•    Updated language and abbreviations usage

•    Software development and storage

3.    Appreciative, Confident and Compassionate

The basic qualities of leader regardless of the team they work for include compassion, appreciation and confidence.

A wise leader values the team and believes that success is only achieved with the help of others. With that, genuine appreciation develops confidence, provides encouragement and builds on strengths. With that, a leader uses compassion to recognize the needs of their team.

4.    Approachable

A team leader creates a culture of approachability to ease situations for the team and organization. They are flexible as they have the ability to adapt according to the situation and welcome new ideas and change.

5.    Honest

Leaders are honest and do not fear to communicate the truth. Integrity and building trust are also other important factors that add to honesty and integrity and make a great leader.

6.    Impartial and Responsive

The IT Team Leader recognizes their biases, predispositions, and prejudices while remaining impartial.

Secondly, they are responsive towards the needs of their team. Listening and valuing team opinions is a crucial quality that leaders in every industry should have.

7.    Ability to Delegate

An effective team leader has the ability to use the team resources effectively to create maximum productivity. Analyzing the situation and delegating to best suitable professional is a skill that leaders need to have. An effective team leader spends time in understanding the forte and weaknesses on one hand and helps employees to understand their capabilities.

8.    Knowledge Base

As an IT leader, you need to be updated with latest developments and have strategies that help you take your team forward. Your knowledge base will be the base for any challenges you face while working in an organization.

These are the 8 qualities that as a leader you should have on your resume. Have anything else in mind? Share in the comments section below.

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