SharePoint Careers Announces New Logo and Redesign

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I’m proud to announce as part of Phase III of the SharePoint Careers project, the site and associated social profiles and merchandise
will include a new logo design.

What Inspired the Logo?

I wanted the SPC logo to be simple yet easy to recognize. Blue is such a powerful color in the business world and is used again and again in several popular corporate designs. I thought it was the perfect logo to translate from online copy (blog posts, newsletters, etc) to merchandise such as buttons at a SharePoint Saturday event or a coffee mug. This SPC logo, from my point-of-view provides versatility while maintaining simplicity.

SharePoint Careers Announces New Logo as Part of Redesign and Relaunch Efforts

Icon logo design that you’ll see on Merchandise and SWAG Giveaway

What Separates the current SharePoint Careers site from the new site?

The current SharePoint Careers is ‘just a blog’ that is poorly designed yet contains content from a unique perspective that isn’t always covered. The focus was not on aesthetics from a design standpoint, but to validate the content within the SharePoint community and see if the ideas mentioned throughout the blog had a place in terms of relevancy. The re-designed SPC site will be a combination of resources and services that I believe will improve the hiring process and vastly improve the education of some of the key players within the hiring of SharePoint talent.

What’s the Status of the Redesign?

The SPC landing page is approved and ready-to-launch. The new page layouts are currently being designed. A few features of the new SharePoint Careers platform that excite me are as follows:

SharePoint Job Board
– Recruiters will have the ability to post their job openings. Candidates will have the ability to search for jobs.
Candidates will have the ability to post a video resume and/or brief introduction to put the face with the resume.

Recruiter Education and Training – In redefining the SharePoint job experience, I observe that a major area that needs to be addressed is SharePoint Recruiter resources. When a new version of SharePoint is released, technical professionals go to Ignite training. What formalized training do Technical Recruiters attend? SharePoint Careers will be the go-to destination for Recruiters.

SharePoint Resume Services – SharePoint Careers will provide resume writing and review services ranging from individuals and scaling to support entire practices and Technical Staffing firms as well. I’m a certified Federal Resume Writer and Federal Job Search Trainer under the world’s most renowned Federal Resume expert Kathryn Troutman and have written thousands of resumes in addition to my experience as a SharePoint professional. There will be a small team assembled to handle this service, which will scale depending on the demand.

Community Hub – There are several sites that support the SharePoint industry that provide User Group directories. SPC will have that info but I want to take it a step further by providing how-to guides and resources for SharePoint community leaders that want to do the following more effectively:

  • Start and organize a SharePoint User Group
  • Organize and host a SharePoint Code Camp
  • Organize a SharePoint Saturday
  • Start a SharePoint focused blog
  • Become a SharePoint Community speaker

This information will be delivered in the form of webinars, conference calls, e-books, and audiobooks. I’m looking forward to this area because it will be the first time this information will be given out in a structured manner on a consistent basis.

Sounds Great. When will the new site be available?

BETA testing will open in accordance with #SPC12. I am currently looking for BETA testers for the site to walk through a series of tests to make sure we are ready for primetime and report any issues that need to be addressed.

As more updates become available, I will share the new functionality.

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