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This Week On SharePoint Careers_8.25

SharePoint Careers is starting the week off strong. Below is our editorial calendar for this week. Look for these articles to be published later on this week. 5 Strategies to Improve Your SharePoint Online Resume Search There are huge differences between initiating a job search using traditional job fair methods vs. uploading your resume online.… read more

3 Mistakes that will Kill Your SharePoint Job Interview

SharePoint job interviews can be a minefield littered with traps that will derail even the highest technical resource if not properly prepared for. I’ve outlined 2 key mistakes that hamper the efforts of SharePoint resources of all skill levels during the job interview process. 1.) Failure to Make Amends with Past Job Experiences that Ended… read more

SharePoint Speaker Guidelines Series

“90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform” – Somers White The act of Public Speaking in the SharePoint community is one of the most important factors to evolving into a notable and well-respected SharePoint professional. Community events would not have been able to thrive and… read more

Office 365 Day DC Metro

Interested in learning the ins and outs of Office 365? The upcoming event held at Microsoft Reston is an learning experience you should consider attending. What: Washington DC Office 365 Ramp-Up Day Where: Microsoft Reston office. 12012 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190 Doors open at 7:00 am with a sessions every hour until the… read more

5 Reasons to Establish a Peaceful SharePoint Workplace

Editor’s Note: SharePoint environments often overlook the impact that Information Workers contribute to the SharePoint platform. Sarah’s guest post article focuses on the issues that impact collaboration within a general workcenter. Workplace conflict is nothing new, but like other workday features, it continues to evolve alongside technology and prevailing businesses standards.  SharePoint environments are centered… read more

SPC_Contract_to_hire for SharePoint Jobs

Contract to hire positions are a common SharePoint job employment scenario in the SharePoint industry. There are many IT professionals who shy away from this hiring arrangment due to a lack of knowledge of how they work or misconceptions that they received from fellow colleagues. In this article, I’ll explain what contract-to-hire is and how… read more

SharePoint Recruiter Social Strategies

  Social Media for SharePoint Recruiters can be a slippery slope. The requirement to find talented SharePoint Developers, Administrators, and other technical resources is a never-ending quest. Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will connect Recruiters to thousands of SharePoint industry talent. The question is: how is your message being received? As… read more

SPC_Unique Types of SharePoint Professionals

Editor’s Note: Thomas Carpe, founder of Baltimore based SharePoint consulting firm, Liquid Mercury Solutions, has published an interesting article outlining the interesting types of SharePoint professionals that exist outside of the standard positions, roles, and responsibilities that staffing professionals and hiring managers will encounter. Over the years, the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem has given rise to… read more


Online Resume Building Tips for SharePoint Professionals Technology has changed the way we conduct most of our businesses. The biggest change has been brought by internet. Most work is now conducted online and same goes for applying jobs. Online media is now the most popular method of knowing about new jobs and applying to them.… read more

Is Your Practice Ready for Growth

Is Your SharePoint Practice Equipped For Growth? It’s a nearly universal commonality within the SharePoint industry and business in general, that the goal is to grow. While there is surely an exception out there amongst the universe of operations, this bottom line belief is safe to assume within this article. Particularly with technology integration such… read more

Attention Freelancers: Keep Uncle Sam Off of Your Back Written by: Brett Harris Freelance work in the SharePoint industry is a heady experience. You have the freedom to not only can you do what you want, when you want, but you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. One of the first questions that… read more

Keywords Make or Break a Quality Resume

SharePoint resumes and how they are written are a major determinant between mid-level and Senior level SharePoint professional. Put another way, your resume is often the gateway towards getting the salary and level of responsibility that would be considered “Senior level”. Non-technical resources evaluate the resume based on the level of “buzz factor” that a… read more

5 Ways to Create a Respectful SharePoint Work Environment

The following Guest Post on SharePoint Careers is written by: Arlene Chandler on the subject that ties into SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities. “Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who loves to help make the workplace a better place to be. She often writes business, career, and insurance advice for AAMI Income Protection.” A workcenter that… read more

What Separates a Good SharePoint Resume from a Bad Resume?

Ask a Recruiter Question: What separates a good SharePoint resume from a bad resume? I have the skills and have worked on several SharePoint projects but of course, am not a professional resume writer. What are the “ingredients” and key sections that make up a resume that is consistently called for more hiring interest? Vanessa… read more

GovLoop Announces Virtual Career Fair

GovLoop, the premier social network for government employees, contractors, and interns has announced a Virtual Government Career Fair. The focus of the career fair is to discuss and identify new strategies to land a job in government and advance your career in the federal sector. When: February 28th. 11am – 3:30pm Cost: Free GovLoop’s Virtual… read more

Ask A SharePoint Recruiter Feature Image

The hiring process is a mystery for a growing number of SharePoint professionals. Despite a red-hot job market where the demand for experienced SharePoint talent far exceeds the availability for professionals to fill these roles, there are very few people who possess a repeatable strategy and process to help themselves standout from the sea of… read more

Technical Phone Screening Tips_SharePoint Careers

The Technical Phone screen is often overlooked in terms of its impact that it can potentially have on a hiring manager for the company that you desire to work for. The reality is due to the heavy demand for proven SharePoint talent, your ability to clearly demonstrate your value to the organization, you will quickly… read more

Picture 114

Copenhagen is the site for one of Europe’s most early anticipated events for 2013, the European SharePoint Conference. The upcoming conference has over 1,200 registered attendees, making this event the largest gathering of SharePoint enthusiasts in Europe. The Conference will run from February 4th – 7th with in-depth SharePoint content delivered each day. Session tracks… read more


  jQuery mobile has recently announced its 1.3 beta version release. 1.3.0 is centered around improving Responsive Web Design and introduces some cool new features that will improve cross browser mobile support. 1.3 will be accompanied by quite a bit of learning material in the form of a new demos site with Responsive Web Design… read more