Social Media Tips for SharePoint Recruiters

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Social Media for SharePoint Recruiters can be a slippery slope. The requirement to find talented SharePoint Developers, Administrators, and other technical resources is a never-ending quest. Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will connect Recruiters to thousands of SharePoint industry talent. The question is: how is your message being received?

As a longtime SharePoint Community veteran, I have observed that some of the common social media approaches employed by Recruiters can turn technical resources away from the intended message. Here are 2 Social media tips complete with examples and samples for technical recruiters to utilize to improve their social media efforts.

Social Media Tips for SharePoint Recruiters

1.) Use the Jab-Jab-Hook Formula for Social Media Updates.

“Jab-Jab-Hook” is a boxing analogy which essentially means if you’re going to “go for the sale” via Social Media, lead in with personal Tweets or posts, industry news, followed by an opportunity. This approach keeps your social media updates diverse and not 100% sales focused. The result is that your sales will increase because your network will have greater personal equity invested in your personality due to the amount of engagement you will generate using this approach.

Consider the following example using Twitter as a use case:

Tweet #1.) What is your favorite feature of #SharePoint 2013?

Tweet #2.) #SharePoint Saturday events are my favorite community events. View upcoming events here –> (link to

Tweet #3.) SharePoint Admin position / Wash, DC, Inquire here: –>(link to your job opening)

2.) Use Your Expertise to Solve SharePoint Hiring Issues Via Social Media

This tip alone is worth reading this far into the post. There is a huge void for SharePoint thought leadership on hiring practices. It’s a large part of the reason SharePoint Careers exists. It’s also the reason why the Ask a Recruiter series of blog posts was created. 

As a Recruiter, you possess a wealth of specialized knowledge of SharePoint Jobs, phone screening, resume best practices, and how candidates should present themselves in order to land the SharePoint job that they desire.

To help kickstart your progress in this area, here are 10 SharePoint Hiring Issues that I’d personally like to read on my timeline.

  • How to write a SharePoint Resume that Gets You Noticed
  • What is the difference between SharePoint Contract-to-Hire and Permanent Roles?
  • The Minimum Requirements to work in SharePoint Corp-to-Corp positions
  • How to ace your next Technical Phone screen
  • How to negotiate a teleworking agreement in your next SharePoint position
  • How to transition from mid-level to senior level SharePoint positions
  • What does 1099 mean in the SharePoint world?
  • Do I need to attend job fairs to land a SharePoint world?
  • Linked In for SharePoint jobs demystified
  • How SharePoint Recruiters can help you land a job in SharePoint

What are your thoughts and experiences with SharePoint Recruiters and their usage of Social Media? Leave your comments and let’s get the discussion going.

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