How Technical Should a SharePoint Recruiter Be?

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Should Recruiters Know How to Write Code to Staff SharePoint Developers?

Each new SharePoint release results in a learning curve for the entire SharePoint industry. Top notch professionals are sent to IGNITE training, virtual machines are deployed left and right, and consultants are sent in a frenzy of demos and overview slides to capture client excitement and approval of the new feature sets to be released.

SharePoint recruiters are a different breed, however. Recruiters are expected to react to the changes and find talented professionals despite lacking the fundamental understanding of what changes have occurred from one SharePoint release to the next.

Armed with client SharePoint job descriptions, an outdated skillset matrix, and Technical phone screen partners who are not paid extra for the privilege, SharePoint recruiters drudge on in a combination of sales tactics ranging from cold calls to the new trend of relationship building and contact management with qualified candidates.

The fact remains that many IT companies are missing the boat on valuable candidates due to the fact that the first line of contact for that organization lacks the overall knowledge to make a solid determination whether the candidate’s experience can apply to the opening they are staffing for.

Do SharePoint-focused practices see the value in Recruiter resources and education?
Should leading SharePoint practices require that Recruiters learn SharePoint to some degree?

There are many staffing professionals that go above and beyond and use people skills and analytical ability to determine the worthiness of a candidate. For every one that understands the SharePoint picture clearly, there are many more who could use the assistance of an entry level SharePoint training course to get up to speed and be more effective at communicating technical requirements to today’s SharePoint professional.

Recruiters looking to learn more about SharePoint can email to be
notified of SharePoint training geared towards Staffing Professionals.

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