5 Things I'd Like to Tell Every SharePoint Recruiter

by , Posted April 21, 2011 - 15:46

If there were 5 things you would share with a SharePoint Recruiter about how to properly staff SP Professionals, what would they be?

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  • http://avtobazar.biz.ua auto ru

    Nice topic – respect !

    • http://about.me/stuartblank Stuart Blank

      Know how to spell SharePoint . . . first level to qualify or disqualify the opportunity for me . . . but I’m amazed how many recruiters are not even aware of how to spell the technology for the rolls they are working on.

      • Shadeed Eleazer

        The problem is that many Recruiters are tossed into the position of finding SharePoint professionals and assume that the process is the same as other technical disciplines. The lack of preparation is what turns off many SharePoint pros from listening to the job opportunities.

  • mike

    1. it isn’t always about the money, it is about the project
    2. it isn’t always about the project it is about the money
    3. Don’t use buzz words you have no idea what they mean, give me the information the client is looking for and let me figure it out
    4. read some of the basic blogs to get an understanding as to what SP really requires, don’t just lump us all into one bucket
    5. Respect us as people, not just as #s you need to make. Most smart SP people will ignore most requests if they aren’t done in a respectful way.
    and just for good measure #6, make sure your email has the right name of the person you are contacting, and the basics we will ask about.

    • Shadeed Eleazer

      Mike, you must’ve had some interesting conversations with Recruiters :)
      You’ve provided great feedback on this topic and I like the fact that you even added an extra suggestion.
      I find that #3 is what most recruiters should not do and #4 of your suggestion is what most Recruiters should do. Thanks for your comment.

  • http://www.letscollaborate.co.za Veronique Palmer

    This is something else that I have rather firm opinions about. :)

    Understand the many different roles that are available in SharePoint – there aren’t just developers, and developers can’t do everything.

    And get the specs right – the stuff being posted around the world is not right.


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    You completed a few good points there. I did a search on the issue and found most folks will agree with your blog.

  • Shadeed Eleazer