SharePoint and Social Networking: Must Do or Not for You?

by , Posted November 30, 2010 - 13:02

Social network usage has skyrocketed over the past 3 years for SharePoint professionals. The meteoric rise has less to do with the record breaking rise in active accounts on Facebook and the adoption of Twitter ranging from celebs to our country’s 44th President.
In competing technical communities, social networking usage can range from connecting with like-minded peers to a form of stress relief while solving technical challenges. The trend I’ve noted in the SharePoint community is that social networking activity is becoming an essential part of being informed Social network activity in the SharePoint community has taken on the importance that can be summed up as “sign in or miss out”.

Social Networks are the new method to landing SharePoint employment

For SharePoint professionals looking for effective means to connect with the SharePoint community at-large, I have listed 3 methods below to do so with greater ease:

1.) Utilize Hashtags. What are Hashtags? #SharePoint #SPHelp and event hashtags are commonly used by SharePoint professionals. Common event tags are #SPTECHCON #SPSBMORE , #SPSNYC, #SPSDC,

2.) Access search features directly. Connecting with other SharePoint professionals can sometimes be as simple as entering the right key word search terms.

Real-time Search results using the key word “SharePoint”

3.) Include your SharePoint proficiency in your bio. The SharePoint community is growing quickly. Social networking has made the world smaller to some degree. The key to remember is that it helps to make yourself searchable by including your SharePoint skillset in your bio so other professionals can quickly glance your profile and add you to their networks.

Which Social network do you prefer? Do you utilize the network to connect with other professionals in the SharePoint community? Leave your comments and let’s start the discussion or join me on Twitter

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