What are Contract-to-Hire Positions for SharePoint Jobs?

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Contract to hire positions are a common SharePoint job employment scenario in the SharePoint industry. There are many IT professionals who shy away from this hiring arrangment
due to a lack of knowledge of how they work or misconceptions that they received from fellow colleagues. In this article, I’ll explain what contract-to-hire is and how it works for both employer and employee.

What is Contract to Hire?
Contract-to-hire is a type of hiring arrangement where a staffing company successfully places a candidate with a company for a specified length of time.
These lengths of time can be anywhere from 3 months to 6 months in most arrangements. You will perform your duties as a SharePoint professional onsite with the
company. From a payment processing standpoint, you will actually be paid from the recruiting firm during the contract period.

Sealing the Deal: The Next Steps
At the close of the contract period, if the company is satisfied with your performance, you will be offered a scenario where you will are converted to full-time
employment complete with benefits from the parent company.

How Does the Hiring Process Impact my Day-to-Day Operations?
In 9 out of 10 cases, your day-to-day roles and responsibilities as a SharePoint professional should not change drastically. There may be a few situations where
you are not granted Farm Administrator permissions (for example) until you are full-time employee, but these situations are more of the exception and not a
rule across organizations.

How Does Contract-to-hire Benefit the Hiring Company?
The SharePoint practice in charge of hiring have the luxury of being able to fully evaluate the work habits, attitude, and performance of a new employee excluding
expenses that are incurred by typical new hires. Since the recruiting firm is footing the bill for aspects such as salary and benefits, this is a lower cost
way of evaluating talent to determine a fit for the long haul.

How Does Contract-to-hire Benefit the Employee?

SharePoint professionals can fully test out the corporate culture, the day-to-day work habits, and the work/life balance that the company provides.
The main benefit of this scenario is that the candidate is being paid on a regular basis to make a decision on a long term fit with the company.

What Arrangements will Recruiting Companies Offer Employees?

Recruiting firms will offer W-2, which is typically salary with benefits. They also offer 1099 arrangements which does not typically carry benefits.
It is important for you to ask the right questions in the hiring phase.

The Tough Questions: Things You Should Ask Recruiters About Contract-to-Hire Positions

Here are some questions an employee should ask if approached with a temp-to-hire proposition:

What is your experience with contract-to-hire positions?
How many candidates have you successfully placed in full-time positions?
Can I receive a written outline of specific goals I must meet in order to convert to permanent hire?
What is your working history with this company and how many candidates have been placed there permanently?
Will I be hired as a W-2 or 1099 during the contract-to-hire window?
What insurance benefits will be available during my contract-to-hire window?
When is the timeframe that the discussion for permanent hire can begin?

Of course, if the Recruiter or primary Account Manager cannot provide you with clear answers to these questions, then you may want to consider looking at other
opportunities. The key to successful Contract-to-hire opportunities on any SharePoint job is communication between the hiring company and you.
The Recruiting firm has to mediate that exchange with a high degree of success to ensure that you are placed in a permanent role.

What are your experiences with contract-to-hire employment? Please leave your comments below and let’s get the discussion going.

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