Will the SharePoint Job Center Improve Hiring Practices?

by , Posted December 5, 2011 - 21:32

Will the SharePoint Job Center Improve Hiring Rates for SharePoint Professionals?


The full vision of SharePoint Careers was projected to take 18 months to implement. Now that the blog has been around for 1 year, it is time to introduce Phase II, the SharePoint Job Center.

Recruiters need help. Lots of help understanding how to perform their jobs correctly without exuding a Used Car Salesman vibe and also building bridges to become resources that technical folks from all SharePoint disciplines seek out for new jobs and fulfilling careers in the SharePoint industry.

Over the next 12 calendar months, my focus will be devoted towards unveiling new initatives that will improve Recruiting as we know it today. One of those iniatives is the SharePoint Job Center, which will operate as an add-on to the service offerings of SharePoint Careers.

3 Traits of Successful SharePoint Recruiters (from my perspective)

  • Recruiters should be connected to a local SharePoint User Group to learn the ins-and-outs of the SharePoint platform and Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recruiters should increase Handshakes while decreasing Cold Calls. Every Recruiter I’ve ever met that made the effort to put names to faces was more effective at their job as a result
  • Recruiters should embrace social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (in that order) as these networks are heavily used within the SharePoint community

What Problems will the SharePoint Job Center Solve?

  • Eliminate the general distrust between Techie and Recruiter by enabling the Staffing Pros who understand SP Community and general networking the platform to share job opportunities in a moderated setting
  • Increase understanding of the staffing process through delivery of resources geared towards SharePoint professionals

SharePoint Job Center Basic Functionality

  • Recruiters that meet the 3 traits listed above will have the ability to post positions to the Job Center. All jobs posted will be viewable and open to the public.
  • No SharePoint Professional should be out of work. Period. To support this mission, SharePoint Professionals will have the ability to “announce” their unemployment status and post their resume to be forwarded directly to registered Staffing Professionals for review and potential hiring.
  • Staffing professionals will have the ability to leverage an audio/video platform to share resources regarding the SharePoint staffing process. Webinars, audio/ebooks, and posts will also be available.

* These bullet points are subject to improve as additional ideas and testing is complete.

Improve This Idea (Crowdsourcing)

I need your help in delivering a Job Center that would improve the SharePoint hiring process as a whole. What would you do to improve this concept? What am I missing? Post your ideas in the Comments Section.

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