Tips to Build Your IT Career around SharePoint

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Tips to Build Your IT Career around SharePoint

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Information Technology has taken over the world and the majority of human activities rely on it in some or the other way. However, it is also an ever-evolving sector, which means that even specific technologies are being updated regularly to make them more efficient and useful. The latest SharePoint 2016 version demonstrates the same ideology.

Today, thousands of organizations use SharePoint to regulate teamwork, systematize business processes, and build robust business applications. Thus, the demand for IT professionals possessing the knowledge of SharePoint has also gone up. If you are somebody who has started just working on SharePoint technology or considering switching to it, here are some ways you can build your career around it:

1. Do some introspection:

Before you get started with finding your first SharePoint job, introspect whether you know what you are getting into or not. There are many different types of technical as well as non-technical roles related to the SharePoint technology. Each role requires specific aptitudes and expertise. Study about the different types of roles and what sets them apart from each other. Doing this exercise will help you identify your improvement areas.

2. Set a definite career path:

By the time you are done assessing your skills and gain knowledge about the different types of SharePoint jobs, you will know what career map you would want to follow. If you choose to go ahead with a technical job role, it will require you to possess knowledge of certain technologies such as SQL Server, Internet Information Services, etc. On the other hand, if you want to get into a non-technical role, such as business analyst for SharePoint solutions, you will have to work on your analytical skills in addition to your technical skills.

3. Acquire required skills and gain experience:

Once you have decided upon your career path and know what skills you need in order to attract employers, the next step is to acquire these skills. You can start by getting some training on the basics of SharePoint. There are numerous video tutorial and blogs available on the Internet that can help you with getting your basics right. Simultaneously, try to gain practical experience as well. If your current company works on the SharePoint technology, share your intentions of learning the technology with your supervisors. S/he may help you with getting some practical experience while you are still learning.

4. Consider getting a certification:

Lastly, become a certified SharePoint professional! It is perfectly okay to rely on free tutorials to learn the basics of SharePoint in the beginning. However, if you are seriously thinking of getting into a career in SharePoint, a certification is important. Employers prefer hiring candidates with a certification over those who don’t have one. There are different types of certifications for different types of roles so you can choose a course that suits you best.

The tips shared above will help you understand how you should start on the journey of making a career in SharePoint. However, remember that it is your confidence that will impress the employers at the time of the interview.

All the best!

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