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Time on SharePoint is time well spent

The week of November 14th will feature articles on SharePoint Certifications: The Double Edged Sword. In this post, we’ll discuss the topic of certifications for career advancement and how this translates to value from a client perspective and also the higher expectations that clients will have of SharePoint professionals that boast certs on top of SharePoint expertise. Is a cert necessary to land a Senior SharePoint job? Find the answers this week on SharePoint Careers.

Also on SharePoint Careers, we’ll tackle the topic of Technical Phone Screening Tips to Land Your Next SharePoint Job In a world of increased distance and virtual meeting, conferencing, and interaction, there are strategies to increase your presence even from afar.

Finally, the discussion of 3 Ways to Land a SharePoint Job Using Social Media The days of the traditional job fair have come and gone and this post will help build a social media awareness towards your career search.

All these topics and more! Have a topic you want posted on SharePoint Careers? Leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

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