Technical Phone Screen Tips To Land Your Next SharePoint Job

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Technical Phone Screening Tips_SharePoint Careers

Are your Phone Screen Strategies Outdated?

The Technical Phone screen is often overlooked in terms of its impact that it can potentially have on a hiring manager for the company that you desire to work for. The reality is due to the heavy demand for proven SharePoint talent, your ability to clearly demonstrate your value to the organization, you will quickly speed up the process.

What better time to do this than the very first technical screening?

The video below outlines a few nonconventional strategies that I’ve used to quickly convey my value to an organization during my career as a SharePoint professional. I’ve used these strategies in helping my colleagues in the industry achieve the following goals

  • Transition into a successful SharePoint career path by displaying transferable skills acquired from other IT platforms
  • Convey senior level SharePoint experience
  • Communicate intangibles such as technical leadership and ability to work well within a team structure

Select the image to view the Technical Phone Screen video.

What are your thoughts regarding Technical Phone Screening in the SharePoint industry? Leave your tips, tricks, and questions in the comments section. I’d love to hear about your approaches to phone screens.

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