Shedding the SharePoint Recruiter Salesman Stigma

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SharePoint Recruiters Resemble SalesPeople to Technical Professionals

Recruiters do not attend training to become specialized in staffing SharePoint talent. As a result, they often rely on the tactics and strategies that have helped them fill jobs for other platforms and technologies. Finding SharePoint talent for SharePoint jobs is a completely different animal for key reasons.

Demand for SharePoint Professionals – Since the release of Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) in 2006, the demand for SharePoint professionals has been at a white-hot intensity. ASP Developers, Windows Network Administrators, and Web Developers were all converted into SharePoint Developers, Adminstrators, and Designers respectively, in large numbers in order to meet the demand.

Variety of Skills Needed to Maintain a Career in SharePoint – Professionals involved in SharePoint deployments, migrations, and day-to-day operations regarding the platform have to be well versed in a number of technologies and programming languages. A SharePoint Administrator needs to have an understanding of server technologies such as IIS and virtualization. On any given day, the Admin may be challenged to modify HTML or JavaScript within a Content Editor WebPart, and create and deploy scripts written in PowerShell. Recruiters in general, are non-technical and often have an understanding of these technologies from a keyword standpoint, but when the rubber meets the road, they fail to understand how to separate mid-level from Senior level application of these skills from a real-world context.

In the article SharePoint Recruiters Must Abandon the Sales Pitch, I discuss the need for Recruiters to adopt a community based approach to improve their relation to the SharePoint Community.

Within the article, I present a section entitled In Defense of SharePoint Recruiters, which outlines challenges that Recruiters face that technical professionals don’t realize. Select the image “Do Cold Calls Work in the SharePoint Community?” to view the full article.

Excerpt from SharePoint Recruiters Must Abandon the Sales Pitch Article

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