SharePoint Saturday Speaker Submission Guidelines

by , Posted May 17, 2012 - 20:11

SP Saturday Speaker Submissions are tough. Here’s a few Rules

One of the main objectives of SharePoint Saturday is to promote and develop a new crop of SharePoint Community speakers. The explosion of the event to include an international presence is great for the SharePoint community overall, but can be overwhelming and a daunting task for the new speaker. This speaker may have a wealth of experience in the SharePoint industry but the nuances of becoming an established speaker present a different learning curve altogether.

Adding on to the challenges are the 3 Undeniable Truths regarding SharePoint Saturday events that all potential speakers must understand and embrace:

1.) SharePoint Saturday is built upon a franchise model *but* each city adopts their event in a different way

2.) SharePoint Saturday Event Organizers have different criteria on what proposals they will accept

3.) A Well-written proposal is becoming of higher importance as more Organizers are adopting the trend of “nameless selection processes” when choosing speakers for their event

Based on these 3 undeniable truths that all SharePoint Community Speakers must embrace when submitting sessions to SharePoint Saturday, please review the article below and provide your viewpoints via the comments sections.

How to Submit Sessions to SharePoint Saturday

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