Is There a Human Element Missing In SharePoint Recruiting?

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Are SharePoint Professionals Regarded as People or Quotas?

Is there a Human Element Missing in SharePoint Recruiting?

The relationship between Recruiters and Technical professionals in the SharePoint industry is built on misunderstandings and is defined as shaky at best. The article, SharePoint Recruiters: The Good, Bad, and the Fugly, written by SharePoint MVP and frequent speaker and Organizer, Becky Isserman, sums up the Technical perspective in a few paragraphs. It’s an older article but highlights a relevant relationship dynamic that exists today and hammers home a key point that Recruiters can utilize to build better relationships within the SharePoint Community:

Be sure to include “The Human Element” in speaking with SharePoint professionals

Recruiting From the Technicial Perspective

How is “The Human Element” maintained?
*Get to know SharePoint resources by their interests and hobbies. Start geniune conversations. The topic of jobs will come up once a relationship is established.

*Develop an authentic interest in some feature within the SharePoint platform. SharePoint is a huge platform. Microsoft Office is an application that you utilize each day as a Recruiter. Develop a learning path for the Office/SharePoint platforms. A common trait for SharePoint professionals is their desire to learn more to keep up with the demand. By attempting to learn more based on your genuine interest, you’ll instantly have something in common with every SP Pro that you’ll encounter.

*Build Your Reputation through Presence. Cold calls are dead. Over. Finished. The Specialist Recruiters in the SharePoint industry that “get it”, understand that maintaining a solid presence at community driven events is the best way to establish yourself and your Staffing practice.

Read the article in its entirety. What are your thoughts?

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