Hot Information Technology Trends in 2014

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Hot Career Trends in Information Technology in 2014
Editors Note: Career search platform has published a Guest post on the rate of development in IT careers. This article focuses on those changes and its importance to the SharePoint industry as a whole.

IT Career Trends
The rate of development of information technology never ceases to amaze.
These trends have trickled down into the SharePoint industry, which has long maintained steady growth and job opportunity.
In this regard, US labor market information technology careers, are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, the demand for SharePoint professionals does not fall down. On the basis of the following information, people who are searching for work and high school graduates will be able to understand what kind of work they should pay attention to, and what specialization to choose when thinking about higher education in order to succeed in future.

Information Technology Jobs
Working with IT technologies is becoming more prestigious today. As already mentioned, due to the constant and rapid development of information technology, the number of sought-after professionals in the branch grows. In addition, working in such position, you will be able to earn decently and keep pace with the latest technology.

One of the most popular technology jobs is a Software developer. Their responsibilities include the development of programs, applications and games to be used on computers, tablets and phones. Salary on such positions vary, but professional Software Development, may easily become earn a six-figure average income for mid-level to Senior positions. In this area, there are also such professions as a Web Developer, Computer System Analyst, Database Administrator, etc.. anyway, each of these jobs are worth to try thanks to high demand and nice salary.

In the SharePoint industry, .NET Developers have long maintained steady growth and stability within their career path from junior to senior level roles. The SharePoint platform has opened the door for Web Developers, Business Analysts, and Graphic Designers, due to new releases of Application Programming Interfaces, design tools and methodologies that enable projects to be completed by various roles outside of the traditional .NET development role.

Healthcare IT Jobs
Of course, there are hundreds of different jobs that are available in any corner of our country, but somehow, in the big list of most popular vacancies related to SharePoint, healthcare has enjoyed steady growth. SharePoint as a healthcare management system or internal collaboration portal has enjoyed higher adoption rates over the years due to security, and integration with popular compliance tools and methodologies. This has lead
Finally, it’s up to you to decide what job to chose, but be careful and chose the right one. In other case, you may regret about spent years at the job that does not correspond to your wishes and needs.

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