Five Strategies to Breakthrough Your Next SharePoint Interview

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Ready for an IT job, but afraid of facing an interview? Don’t let your morale down, you are not the only one here, many people face the same problem. After all, fielding unexpected questions and selling yourself in front of some unknown people is not an easy task. Even the most qualified and smartest job seekers need to prepare before an SharePoint or Office 365 job interview. As the Microsoft SharePoint market is growing, the opportunity for employment in this field is also increasing. But on the same side, the concern of the company over the employability of the job seekers is also growing. Remember cracking an IT interview is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to nail it, you need to boost up your confidence and should know how to balance this thin line between being confident and being over confident. Finding the right position that suits your talents within the SharePoint job is hard enough, but once you get a call for an interview, make sure you give your all for an impeccable first impression. During your interview, you will be asked specific technical and more focused questions. Here are some tips that can help you to grab that job.

Get Set to Take an Aptitude Test

This is the latest trend in staffing agencies that match talented SharePoint professionals with firms that seek their skillset. Most of the candidates get eliminated in this first round only due to their lack of preparation. They can also take a test to check your skills and can also ask to do ‘on spot programming’. ‘The first impression is the last impression’, So if you really want this job, you have to clear this round at any cost.


Feed Your Brain With Every Angle Of SharePoint Software Development

Don’t restrict your knowledge. Try not to miss any opportunity coming your way. You might be called for an interview for a developer position, But discussing about testing the software, managing the project or leading a team can provide you an edge over other candidates. Assure them that you are capable of doing work in every department.


Discuss Your Astonishing Skills And Past Projects

A background in software development is of growing importance, even for positions that traditionally are configuration roles, such as Administrators and Analysts. For many IT specialists, the experience of college may have exposed them to courses in web development and programming languages, such as JavaScript and C#. If you’ve performed design tasks with markup languages, using the interview phase to discuss these aspects of your skillset would increase your value. Have you designed software applications in your college or in a previous job? If yes, then don’t hesitate to play smart. Make your impression before they cross-examine your resume. Remember, the more skills you show the greater will be the chances of hiring you.


Your Real Battle is the HR Interview

So, you’ve cleared your first round? Great! But half of the battle is still waiting for you. You’re still faced with the challenge of overcoming the HR interview. Don’t panic, he or she will just check how good you are to fit in this corporate culture of the company that you are applying for. Before giving him or her with answers, first try to find out the reason behind the HR professional’s questions, examine them, take a correct approach and then only give a logical answer.


Don’t Promise Things You Can’t Do

Remember, the person sitting in front of you is much smarter than you think. If he can stand in this corporate world, he can easily find the lies behind your promises or answers. Don’t get over excited when you have a choice to keep your mouth shut. Your lies can get you the job, But the day when truth come out, the door will open for you with the only option left to ‘GET OUT’.

So, now when the interview is over, Make sure to end it with a smile and remember to drop a ‘Thank You’ mail. Make sure you show your positive side to them.

If you deserve it, you will get it. Maintain your patience and wait for your appointment letter.

Guest post written by: Vinita Sharma

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