Career Networking Tips for a Successful Job Hunt for SharePoint Professionals

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People get people jobs! When you are searching for a new job, you cannot discount the role of career networking in your job search. Whenever career endeavors are involved, networking becomes an important part of it. If you are looking forward to be a part of SharePoint professionals, get some career-networking tips.

The following post shares some tips to do so. Read on…
Whether moving up on the career ladder or searching for a new job, career networking can set the things right for you. Keeping your career network active is important, as you never know when you may need it.

Career networking is the latest buzzword. It involves using your contacts and the other people they know in your job hunt. The network can be built easily either in-person or online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Tips for Effective Career Networking
Selecting networking partners: When it comes to including the type of people in your network, anyone who is potential to assist in your future job search can be included. It may include friends, colleagues, bosses, and all the previous co-workers. The list can also include your school alumni, relatives, and family members.
Networking contacts are not limited to refer you lucrative job leads. They also play a vital role in providing information about several organizations you might be willing to work at. There are endless opportunities to get job referrals from people belonging to different industries.

Staying in regular touch with your network

Do not contact your network only when you need them at the time of finding about new job opportunities or when you have decided to resign from your previous company. It is important to keep in touch with them to make them remember you. Keep track of what these people are doing, what’s going on in their personal and professional life, etc. Remember, no one appreciates a person who talks to someone only when a need arises. However, networking is a two-way street. It is vital to reciprocate to the needs of the other people in your network.

Attending Networking Events
Networking in-person or electronically works for you. Being an active part of various networking events helps in enhancing and maintaining your professional-networking group. For instance, never miss to attend any alumni-networking event held by your alma mater. On the other hand, if you are professional, attending professional associations, meetings, or conferences give a platform to meet new people and exchange your business cards.

Career networking is a powerful job search tool. However, to make sure that you do not waste your time and energy by networking in a wrong manner, here are some Don’ts to remember:
Never start networking without a plan
When you have no clear idea about why you are networking, that is your biggest mistake. For networking, it is vital to have a plan for if you are looking for a job, advice, referral, or just some career information. Your contacts should know your purpose of networking to help you.
Never share or disclose personal information of your contacts
You can end up in spoiling your networking relationships if you fail to keep your contacts’ personal information like email address and mobile number.

Maintaining poor record of networking conversations

In today’s competitive job market, converting a few networking conversations into your next job can be a time-taking process. With several contacts and conversations, you cannot afford to keep unorganized record of your contacts. To keep an easy access of details such as who’s who, where they work, job titles, and contact details, it is vital to keep a database.

Following your contacts everyday
Doing this conveys that you are pestering your career networking contacts. It is crucial to be respectful of their time and wait to hear from them about job openings or any other required information. However, it is fine to follow up every two weeks, but not every day.

Concentrating only on your needs
Another common networking mistake is keeping your focus on your personal needs only and ignoring the importance of relationship building. It is not advisable to contact your network only when the need arises. It is like a mutual benefit where the other party should also get some value in return.

Career Networking Really Works!

Networking is fun and rewarding if you know the right trick. It is not just sending a request or giving your introduction via LinkedIn account. In order to get the useful referrals, it is vital to keep your network style in order and notice any possible opportunity.

Career networking works. See some real examples:
Susan always wanted to join a reputed engineering firm in New York after her college. She knew many of her college friends had the same plan, so she took the opportunity to tap her college network. John, her best friend luckily was working with one such reputed firm that had more job openings. John sent the resume of Susan for the job opening she was interested in applying for.

In a casual conversation with a friend, Jeannie, Maria happened to convey that she was very much interested in working in a fashion boutique and show the customers her creative work. Jeannie was delighted to know that she herself was looking someone for a full-time job to manage her own boutique in the heart of the city.

Some powerful phrases to make a strong network

Career networking can bring up certain serious challenges such as people may feel that others are using them. It is an art to foster connections, which takes you forward in your job search without annoying any one of your contacts.
Your focus, therefore, is to build up a mutual beneficial connection by saying the right thing at the right time. By knowing the right way to interact with people and using the right phrases, half of the work is done.
Try using these phrases:
I am looking for…
A successful networking campaign should start with a branding statement, which is concise and highlights your real strengths. Keep focus on engaging your listeners and finish with a smart phrase like “also, I am looking for…” Mention a list of some companies where you wish to work. This helps you to get information (contact persons, previous employees, etc.) on at least some of them.
Hey, do you have referrals at XYZ…?
If that does not help, we have another useful phrase, “Is there anyone you know working at XYZ?” You can start your conversation by talking about your list of companies and if someone has any referrals.
I would love to keep you updated about my search…

People in your network would appreciate contacts that do care to keep them informed about their career development. Do not forget to thank people for sharing their contacts or suggestions, and how you used them. Also, take time to let them also know about things that can help them in their career goals.

Last word:
Professional or career networking works for those who understand and follow these dos and don’ts. So, it is for you to decide, how can you rise up the ladder of success in your career by exploring numerous options!

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