Ask a SharePoint Recruiter Clarifies Hiring Process for SharePoint Professionals

by , Posted February 11, 2013 - 10:01

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The hiring process is a mystery for a growing number of SharePoint professionals. Despite a red-hot job market where the demand for experienced SharePoint talent far exceeds the availability for professionals to fill these roles, there are very few people who possess a repeatable strategy and process to help themselves standout from the sea of resumes that flood hiring managers’ inbox at the start of every work week.

Ask a SharePoint Recruiter is our attempt to solve this issue in the SharePoint industry.
Each article is submitted by an actual IT Recruiter with a verified background in SharePoint staffing.
Topics for discussion features in the Ask a SharePoint Recruiter article series will include:

  • Resume writing tips and guidelines
  • Technical phone screening strategies
  • Interview dos and don’ts
  • How to prepare for job search
  • Independent contractor hiring best practices

What excites me most about Ask a SharePoint Recruiter, is that the series will feature international submissions. Our readers will gain a perspective of hiring perspectives from SharePoint industries around the world.

Articles will be posted here on the SPC Blog and quite possibly as a separate entity for a few article directories.

Contribute to Ask a SharePoint Recruiter

IT Recruiters who are interested in submitting articles for this series may use the submission form on the  Contact Us  page for more details and submission guidelines.

It is my hope and belief that this article series will bridge many of the gaps that SharePoint technical professionals are missing in terms of hiring, job search, and career development.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

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Shadeed Eleazer is a Principal Consultant and founder of Managed Path Solutions, a Microsoft SharePoint post-deployment specialist firm. He is the President of the Baltimore SharePoint User Group. Tweet him @mrshadeed to discuss this article and other collaboration topics.

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