5 Ways to Supercharge Your Career in SharePoint for 2011

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2011 is the Year of the SharePoint Professional

2011 brings new expectations, challenges, and solutions for the SharePoint professional. Here are but a few solid ways to step to the forefront and ensure that you are in demand within your SharePoint Career path.

I. Update your Linked In Account

LinkedIn has surpassed the traditional online job boards to become a high traffic area for recruiters and Hiring Managers specifically. Your LinkedIn profile should include any SharePoint positions whether temp-to-perm, W2, 1099, or corp-to-corp.
New to LinkedIn? Create a Profile today: http://www.linkedin.com

II. Upload and Share Your Presentations
Sharing your presentations will help you start the year off strong for the following reasons:
1.) Establish yourself as a go-to SharePoint professional in the topic of your choosing
2.) Solve problems in various organizations by making your presentation readily available for download
3.) Increase familiarity with your topics when speaking at SharePoint community events.
SlideShare is the most popular presentation sharing platform amongst the SharePoint community.
Read why Joel Oleson feels it is time to build community on SlideShare.

III. Update your About Me Page on Your Blog
SharePoint Consultants can change a lot within 365 calendar days. Is your “About Me” page on your personal blog summarizing what services and value you provide to the SharePoint community as a whole? Have you picked up new skillsets? Have you worked on career defining SharePoint deployments?

IV. Join Your Nearest Area User Group

There are many advantages to joining a SharePoint User Group in 2011.
Need to find a SUG in your area? Here’s a list

V. Volunteer to Deliver a Session at a Code Camp, User Group, or SharePoint Saturday
The SharePoint community needs YOU. I know you may have reservations, so I’ve outlined the top 3 objections I hear from new speakers.

I don’t know enough to deliver a technical presentation :(
Here’s a secret: No SharePoint professional has worked with EVERY feature of every release of SharePoint. Good presentations are rooted in perspective. If you can share that effectively, you’re well on your way.

I’m not a strong public speaker. I get nervous when speaking to groups of people

Public speaking is one of the top 3 greatest fears amongst all human beings. The fact that you’re standing before your peers and delivering a session is a badge of honor and credibility.

Someone may ask a question I don’t know

An average audience in a typical SharePoint presentation can total over 30 years of experience given the topic. It is not your JOB to know everything, your mission is to share your experience. You can always collect the question and email of the audience member and answer offline.

These are only the top 5. What are some strategies that you are employing to supercharge your SharePoint 2011? Leave comments below!

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