5 Tips to Enhance Your SharePoint Resume in 2011

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It takes a little more than just writing "SharePoint" on your resume to get hired :)

The SharePoint resume differs from resume and hiring processes with other technologies, including those within the Microsoft stack. The demand associated with SharePoint recruiting almost guarantees that you will be contacted to work on various SharePoint openings around the country. In order to properly set yourself apart however, a few strategies are needed in order to ensure that you are being contacted for quality and fulfilling assignments within the SharePoint market. I’ve listed 5 Must-Do Tips to enhance your SharePoint resume in 2011 complete with a brief explanation and examples where needed.

Include hyperlinks to all SharePoint sites that are public facing.
Why? Having proof of your work history is a huge bonus and helps separate you from the other SharePoint pros who may have similar experience. If your site deployment has been featured on Top SharePoint, then by all means, link to that article writeup within your resume.
What if my public facing site has the out-of-box look and feel?
Focus more on explaining the requirements for the deliverable.

Include hyperlinks to any case studies, interviews etc
Why? Contrary to common practice and popular belief, the resume is not the place to explain every detail regarding your career history. Case studies are GOLD because they are documented proof of your experience. Case studies help to sell you without coming across as a car salesman.

Example: Served as AvePoint Subject Matter Expert on DocAve releases 4.1 through 5.1 including backup design, license evaluations, and hardware recommendations to perform tasks.                                                                  
Please reference Social Security Administration case study

Include all SharePoint Specific certifications and include the exam number
Why? Increases searchability for your resume. Assume that the average recruiter does not need to take certification exams to do their job effectively. In many cases, the Recruiter’s assignment may be to find certified SharePoint professionals. Make it easier for them to find and hire you.

Include SharePoint User Group affiliations/associations on your resume
Why? Those who can prove that they do more, tend to earn more. User Groups and affiliations are a clear indicator of initiative, drive, and the ability to go above and beyond the standard 40 hour workweek. These qualities are very attractive to companies looking to build a team of solid SharePoint professionals.
If you are a member of the following, list this affiliation on your resume:

  • SharePoint User Group
  • SharePoint Certification Study Group
  • Code Camp
  • SharePoint Saturday Organizer
  • All “Unconferences” i.e. ShareClave, GiveCamp, PodCamp,

Include your LinkedIn Profile on your resume
Why? It allows for future follow up and communication as LinkedIn has become the hub for SharePoint Recruiters around the world. If you are not the candidate for this position, you will be somewhere down the line. Make it easy for Recruiters to connect with you for future communication.
Where Should I Add it On My Resume? View the example below:

John Smith, MCT jsmith@yahoo.com
(202)456-7890 http://linkedin.com/in/jsmithsharepoint

Following the 5 Tips to Enhance Your resume will ensure that you are marketing your SharePoint career skillsets to the best of your ability. What additional tips do you suggest? Leave comments below.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

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