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“90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform” – Somers White

The act of Public Speaking in the SharePoint community is one of the most important factors to evolving into a notable and well-respected SharePoint professional. Community events would not have been able to thrive and explode without the willing SharePoint enthusiasts who traveled around the country on their own dime to deliver sessions based on the height of their knowledge at the time.

SharePoint professionals, such as Dux Raymond Sy and Joel Oleson, have literally become household names for their unique style and delivery during live presentations both at conferences and webinars.

For every SharePoint Rockstar who has mastered the craft of public speaking and technical demonstrations, there exists many more SharePoint professionals who cringe at the idea of sharing their knowledge in front of an audience. They lack the basic guidelines on how to deliver a quality session. The SharePoint Speaker Guidelines Series will attempt to fill in those gaps.

In this series, I will attempt to provide the core basics with best practices based on what I’ve experienced firsthand and observed throughout the community.  We will utilize the comments section of each post to dive deeper beyond the basics for greater insights.

Any SharePoint professionals that I list by name are people whose traits or attributes as a speaker I admire. I’ve more than likely already discussed these traits with them in person as well.

What will you, the reader, gain from this series of posts?

  • A checklist of rock solid basics for delivering presentations in the SharePoint industry and/or community
  • Professional analysis of speaker styles and profiles from a Toastmaster and experienced SharePoint speaker and professional
  • Listing of resources to improve public speaking efficiency that you may not have known or considered

What topics would you like to see covered in the SharePoint Speaker Guidelines Series?

Please leave your viewpoints in the comments.


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