7 Free Apps to Advance Your IT Career

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Guest post by: Paresh Dhake

Apps are the rage in today’s IT world. They not only provide day to day solutions to get simple tasks done or to communicate with others quite effectively but they can also help you further your IT career. Here are the 7 hottest apps you should try right now to supercharge your career in IT.


Switch is the equivalent of Tinder but instead of finding dates, you find jobs! Finding jobs is as simple as swiping job listings left to dismiss them and right to show interest in them. If you opt out of any job listing, the HR department of the organization will not be able to see your name. The best thing is your name is not disclosed to others so you can keep your job hunting discrete to maintain privacy. Once you show interest and if the hiring manager likes your resume then all he needs to swipe right and both of you get connected to each other. The app is available for both iOS and Android for free and is very easy to use for job hunting. The recommendations are put together by the app itself depending on the needs of organizations and your job skills and qualifications.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular socializing apps on the internet for professionals and you will be able to connect with people all over the world as well as apply for jobs using the app. You can network very efficiently and use your sources to get in touch with people directly in any organization at all if they have a profile set up. The platform allows organizations to see your job experience and skills directly and you will have a giant platform to market yourself in the social media website. The app is available for iOS and Android and it’s available for free. The features on offer in the app are in line with the PC version’s offerings so you do not miss out any of the great features that are available to you if you access LinkedIn on your computer.

Business Card Reader

IT professionals might be knee deep in technology but classic business cards are still being used in this digital age. Managing a ton of business cards is not easy and it’s not convenient to carry all of them around, which makes Business Card Reader a perfect tool for people who want to instantly save any kind of contact information by scanning business cards. The app recognizes over 22 languages and all you need to do is fire up your phone camera and import all of the information present in the card directly to your contact list on your smartphone. The app is available on both iOS and Android and it costs $6.99 for the iOS version and $3.99 for the Android variant.


Udemy is one of the top learning tools available online for people who want to learn and build up their skills no matter where they are. The learning platform has been around for years. The platform offers courses related to core business concepts (those that you will find in mba courses), lifestyle, and productivity to cooking Asian food! The services of Udemy are available not only on their website but you can also download the app and get access to all the courses you take on the go. You will be able to attend virtual lectures, read notes and get in touch with your instructors all in one place with the app making it easy and convenient for people who are always on the move. The app is available on iOS and Android for free, but some of the courses available on the platform are paid.

Resume Builder Pro

Building the right resume is not easy and as an IT professional who is in a competitive environment all the time. If you want to be effective in your presentation, you should use Resume Builder Pro as it allows you to design your resume professionally and position yourself as a brand in the best possible way. From your objective to your educational background, everything is laid out professionally and the quality of the resumes created, are comparable to ones created by the professional agencies. The resumes that are prepared can be instantly printed out on a computer or uploaded to job websites. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The app costs $3.99 for the Android version and $2.99 for the iOS version.


With so many organizations cropping up it’s good to have complete knowledge about the companies you are planning to join and Glassdoor is the best place to look for insider information. The website and app are designed to offer you complete data on your prospective employer. From applicant experiences to ratings by employees themselves, you will be able to get a thorough insight on what to expect at the organization from the environment to the work culture and how the organizations shape the careers for bright young minds. The app even goes as far as to provide CEO approval ratings. The app is available free of cost on all major mobile platforms and it also has a mobile site for quick usage.


Calendar synchronization is one of the most important services required by IT professionals to juggle through multiple projects all the time. You are not only able to manage all of your tasks using the Cal, but you can also perform basic tasks like sending emails, texts and setting alarms right from the app itself making it very convenient to manage tasks. The app also offers the ability to sync with your Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendars to keep your daily schedule synchronized at all times. The app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms and it also has a web client for browser based access.

These are some of the top apps that can help you manage and advance your IT career better through useful and intuitive features that can allow better productivity and help you hone your skills.

Guest Post by Paresh Dhake

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