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SharePoint Careers is dedicated to improving the overall quality of SharePoint staffing within our industry.
Below are the major voids that have been identified and our proposed solutions that will be offered via the SPC platform.

What are the Major Voids in the SharePoint Staffing Industry?

Lack of Available SharePoint Training For Recruiters.

When a new platform is released in the SharePoint industry, Administrators, Developers, and Project Managers have the option to attend Microsoft Ignite training or choose from a wide selection of SharePoint training vendors to learn the nuances the new SharePoint release from a hands-on and architectural standpoints.

What training do Recruiters attend?

Lack of Technical Know-How Needed to Properly Assess SharePoint Candidates

Maintaining relevant technical and analytical skills in the SharePoint industry requires a well rounded skillset ranging from web technologies, client and server side development, Windows Server, security and account permissions, SQL Server, and Project Management methodologies. Recruiters, by and large, are non-technical in their day-to-day responsibilities, so the expectation to properly assess SharePoint talent is a hit-or-miss assignment at best.

Lack of Community Resources for SharePoint Recruiters

There are very few resources that Recruiters focused on improving their skillset as a SharePoint Recruiter navigate to and improve their skillset.

Solution: SharePoint Careers now offers Guest Post to SPC Blog allowing Recruiters to share industry news and collect feedback under their own profile.

SharePoint Recruiter Certification

Problem: How can Recruiters who Specialize in SharePoint separate themselves from Generalist Recruiters and display proficiency as a SharePoint Recruiter?

Solution: SharePoint Careers is rolling out the industry’s first SharePoint Recruiter Certification. This certification is currently in Alpha testing and will be introduced via focus groups and validated by a combination of SharePoint community Thought Leaders and Microsoft Certified Masters around the globe.

SharePoint Recruiter Cert will be available in 2nd quarter 2013 for limmited users. To be considered, please send an email to:

SharePoint Careers Course Material Coming Soon:

Everything Recruiters Need to Know About SharePoint 2010 on
Everything Recruiters Need to Know About SharePoint 2013 on

SharePoint Practice Consultation

For consultatation in regards to best practices for staffing and understanding SharePoint Community, please email