The Importance of Keywords and SharePoint Resumes

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SharePoint resumes and how they are written are a major determinant between mid-level and Senior level SharePoint professional. Put another way, your resume is often the gateway towards getting the salary and level of responsibility that would be considered “Senior level”. Non-technical resources evaluate the resume based on the level of “buzz factor” that a resume carries.
Keywords are a major part of this process. – Editor’s Note

I have worked on several SharePoint projects over the years but my resume just doesn’t translate as “Senior level” to most Recruiters and Managers that have contacted me. I’ve heard a lot about using keywords in resumes but have no idea how this works. Can you please explain the importance of resume keywords to improve my SharePoint resume?

Vanessa Raath Writes:
To be honest with you I don’t like to take shortcuts when reviewing a Resume so I do not only search for keywords. I like to read the whole Resume and get a feel for each candidate. If you are concerned about not being seen as senior enough for a role you need to make sure that you have the words Senior and/or Manager and/or Team Leader in your title. This shows that you are seen as a Thought Leader in this area. If you have a Team of SharePoint workers under you; you must mention this as well as the number of people that you manage. Just make sure that you mention your title; the size of the team you managed and who you consulted with (CIO; IT Manager; CEO) and that will show how senior you are.


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