Online Resume Building Tips for SharePoint Professionals

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Online Resume Building Tips for SharePoint Professionals

Technology has changed the way we conduct most of our businesses. The biggest change has been brought by internet. Most work is now conducted online and same goes for applying jobs. Online media is now the most popular method of knowing about new jobs and applying to them. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that traditional resume is slowly making way for online resume. If you are a SharePoint professional looking for tips to build an online resume, this is the right resource for you.

Technology has had an inimitable impact on a lot of things and job-application process is one of them. The universally accepted pen-paper based application process has now transformed owing to the use of QR codes and hyperlinks, applicant-tracking systems and other online tools. The modern day SharePoint resume has also undergone a sea of change, from handwritten to a typed-out then printed and the latest online resume. The digital resume is the latest fad which is catching up fast amongst top recruiters and employees as well. The trend is more popular amongst SharePoint professionals as they are in constant touch with technology and are more open to any of its changes. The advantage of an online resume is that you can change it as many times as you want to and save those changes instantly. Here are some tips that might prove helpful if you have an SharePoint background and are looking to make your first online resume:


The first tip is somewhat redundant if you compare it to your traditional resume. Nevertheless, having a clear and concise objective doesn’t lose its importance, even if it is an online resume that you are writing. While most sites that offer online resume writing services already limit the number of words you can include in the resume, you must make an effort from your side also to keep the objective to-the-point and non-generic. If you do not have a clear objective, the better thing to do would be to leave the section all together. Sounding pretentious can do more harm to your prospects than good.

Use More Nouns than Verbs

Experts emphasize on usage of action verbs rather than nouns in a traditional resume. However, while writing a digital resume the reverse holds better sense as the online resumes undergo scanning by machines rather than humans. The machines look for keywords like job titles, education degrees, technical skills, number of years in experience, and most of these words are nouns. Whether it is the name of the technology in which you have previous experience or a particular role, it is better to mention it as a noun because that’s what the machine is going to look for.

Contact Information

While the contact details must contain name, mobile number and email id, including anything else such as mailing address is neither necessary, nor it is preferred by the employer. Instead, an online resume maker can insert a QR code that points to the digital version of the resume on the web. The QR code can point to the professional LinkedIn profile of the candidate which certainly shows that the candidate loves to stay current with the latest technological trends, desirable from an IT professional.

Interactive Media

Some online resume making sites offer the option for including interactive media like power point presentations, images and videos. However, caution should be exercised while including such content as anything that doesn’t relates to the job that you are applying to isn’t going to do any favors for your prospects. Resume sent digitally can have links of your work samples, and video presentations. It is the perfect online resume tip for SharePoint Professionals like Designers, or Developers who can take the benefit of this feature by providing samples of their work that continues to live on the internet.


Online resumes are highly dependent on the concept of keywords as these are built to be scanned by specialized application software. This software has preloaded keywords relevant for a specific job title and they scan the CVs for those specific keywords. The resume having maximum keywords is obviously ranked higher than a CV having lesser keywords. It doesn’t means that you have to stuff your resume with keywords in a nonsensical manner. Use as many variations as possible and instead of writing short forms like DBA or MCSE multiple times, use the full forms also.

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