3 Mistakes that Kill Your SharePoint Job Interview

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SharePoint job interviews can be a minefield littered with traps that will derail even the highest technical resource if not properly prepared for. I’ve outlined 2 key mistakes that hamper the efforts of SharePoint resources of all skill levels during the job interview process.

1.) Failure to Make Amends with Past Job Experiences that Ended Poorly

To use a dating analogy, if the subject of your past relationships is brought into discussion, it is always best to speak positively of the experience, as an emotional rant or response, leads the Interviewer to assume that you have not fully recovered from that experience.

If you had a disagreement with a former manager or co-workers, its best to mention what went well at your company while focusing on the present and/or future.


Interviewer: You’ve only worked at your last position for 1 year. How would you describe your experience at your last job?

Candidate: My last position provided me the opportunity to learn about responsive design for SharePoint publishing sites. I enjoyed the opportunity that the position presented but in order for me to maximize my potential, I’m seeking a role that provides me more work/life balance with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.


2.) Failure to Fully Assess Professional Weaknesses

The question: “What is your main weakness?” has derailed more SharePoint interviews than any other question. In many cases, it conveys a keen lack of awareness on the part of the candidate. There is no way to fully assess the good and bad qualities during a 60-90 minute interview, but failure to handle this direct question is a red flag for any Hiring Manager and Technical Lead.

How do you remedy this mistake?

The key is to admit your fault and provide your course of action for improvement. This demonstrates that you have a healthy self-awareness and it also indicates that if you notice technical or interpersonal problems within the workcenter, that you possess the necessary tools to resolve them or route to the appropriate channels, such as Human Resources or management.


Interviewer: What would you consider to be your main technical weakness on the SharePoint platform?

Candidate: I have a strong technical background mostly in software development but I really struggle with understanding the out-of-the box features of SharePoint and drawing the line of “when to code” vs. leveraging native features that the SharePoint license offers. I realized this was a problem, so I purchased the SharePoint Products and Technologies Administrator Pocket Consultant and Administrator’s Companion books to gain a fundamental understanding. I also registered for a couple great courses on Pluralsight, and I’m evaluating Cloudshare as a solution to increase my hands-on learning.

In this example, the Candidate admits what he/she struggles with, but also provides a self-directed path of improvement.

#3 Choose Your Own Adventure

Leave your comment below on the one mistake that derails most SharePoint job interviews. This can be from personal experience or in your position as a technical resource or manager that has interviewed candidates for SharePoint jobs.

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