10 Steps to Find Your First SharePoint Job

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SharePoint’s growth as a platform is undeniable. The explosion of implementations of SharePoint within organizations has lead to a widespread demand for talented practitioners to manage and develop business needs leveraging SharePoint’s tools and capabilities.

What is lacking is a solid roadmap to finding job opportunities. In this Guest post, the 10 steps to finding your first SharePoint job will be discussed.

Read on the 10 steps to find your first job in the SharePoint industry:

Step1: Know what you want

If you jump into finding a job without realizing your career goals, you will go nowhere! Hence, before applying for jobs, know your interests, career plans, and competencies to match with the job requirement.
One of the biggest challenges when working on the SharePoint platform, is that there are so many paths that a SharePoint pro can attempt to master.
In many cases, it is wise to focus on key areas to differentiate yourself from the crowd of applicants.

Step 2: Prepare your Resume
Writing a resume is all about standing out from the competition. Hiring managers have to go through a number of job applications. Thus, your resume has fewer chances to get noticed unless it has an attractive presentation. You can show some creativity by adding visual, videos, or links to your resume and make it more interactive.
Your SharePoint resume will require more than just writing the word “SharePoint” within the document. Understanding how your skills translate into the current roles and responsibilities that govern a SharePoint project is essential.

Step 3: Create an online presence & knowledge network
The first-time SharePoint job seekers should create their online presence as soon as possible. Even if your social profile includes general information such as your awards, extra-curricular activities, skill, grades, etc., creating profiles on professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn play a crucial role in building connections and finding new job opportunities.
Social networks such as Twitter are a must for SharePoint networking. Facebook is becoming more popular for hosting SharePoint discussions. LinkedIn is popular for recruiters to find candidates, so maintaining a presence there is of high importance towards finding your first SharePoint job.

Step 4: Find your mentor
Last, but not the least, find a mentor who can give you feedback on your job search efforts and results. Your mentor could be a reliable friend, parents, college alumni, or anyone from your social network groups.
Joining a User Group is the first place to seek mentorship. I highly recommend attending a SharePoint User Group in your area or connecting to a virtual User Group.

Step 5: Practice our pitch
One of the major factors that take you a step closer to your first job is the art of conveying why you are the best job applicant for the company. Hence, prepare a pitch to contact employers.
Practicing your pitch can be tough as many find it difficult to think about themselves and their best qualities.
A simple 3 step formula is:
List your current specialty
List your best achievement in this current speciality
List your SharePoint ambition
Here’s an example of the 3 step formula:

I’m Susan. I am a Windows Network Engineer with a background in Active Directory. I worked on the largest Active Directory implementation in the US. I am looking to transition into a career as a SharePoint Administrator and find a quality mentor to guide me along the path.

Step 6: Apply for jobs
Once you know your interests, skills, and have a resume and a pitch ready, it is the time to start applying for the relevant jobs. Have a list of companies you wish to apply online. Take help of job portals that offer a complete detail of current job openings as per your search criteria. You can also directly apply to the companies by updating your resume in “career” section of their websites.
Step 7: Prepare for Job Interviews
Early preparation always helps to avoid the last minute rush and panic. Since you are applying for your first job, you do not have any prior experience of facing a job interview. Your preparation and a right attitude can turn your interview into a success or a failure. Hence, prepare some generic interview questions, dress appropriately, carry all required documents and most importantly, take several mock interviews with either friends or family. This also includes learning interview manners such as speaking politely, body gestures, voice modulation, and eye contact.
Step 8: Follow up
Your efforts do not end when you walk out of the interview room. Follow-up with the hiring manager is a vital part of your job search. Send a ‘Thank You’ note after your interview. Follow up and Thank you note does not guarantee a job, but these things definitely make your job application get noticed in the pile.
Step 9: Prepare for rejections
It is not necessary that you will be selected for the job, even after all the preparations. Learn to face rejections and think positively. Today’s job market is highly competitive. Hence, focus more on improving your weaknesses and not on the number of rejections.
Step 10: Evaluate the job offer
The final piece of advice to get a job…evaluate the job offer in terms of salary, location, career prospects, etc. Do not accept any offer in hurry. Once you accept it, stay committed to your job.
Best of luck!

Author Bio: Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and professional tips for job search, finding your career goal, and increasing productivity at work.

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