Guest Post on SPC Blog

SharePoint Careers is a growing community featuring professional development and career tips for SharePoint professionals.

Guest posting is a great way to interact with the community. Below are the submission guidelines.

All content published on SharePoint Careers is authored by the SharePoint Community. Here are the steps to submit content to be featured on SharePoint Careers. :

  • Write your article in Microsoft Word or Notepad. Submit your document using .doc, .docx, or .txt file extensions
  • Link to existing article from your website or blog
  • Forward the article link to

The SharePoint Careers publishing team will provide a final proofreading of the submitted article, format the article for publishing, and schedule to appear live on the site.

You will be notified when your submitted article is to appear live on SPC Blog.

What topics can I write about?

SharePoint focused content ranging from the following perspectives:

  • Roles and Responsibilities (Admin, Developer, Architect, Project Manager, Designer, Executive, Management)
  • SharePoint Career Advice (examples: Getting started with SharePoint, Mid-level to Senior level transition)
  • Interviewing and Job Search (examples: Technical Phone Screening 101, Do I Need a SharePoint Cover Letter?)
  • Emerging technologies and skillsets (examples: App Model Overview, What is Client Side Development?)
  • Emerging Programming Languages and Libraries (examples: jQuery Mobile, Coffeescript and SharePoint, node.JS)
  • SharePoint from the Management Perspective (examples: SharePoint for Executives, How to Manage SharePoint Projects)

What is the desired article length?

Minimum article length is 300 words for Guest Posts. If article length is longer than 1200 words, we may suggest dividing into a 2 part series of articles (Part I and 2).