Is Your SharePoint Practice Equipped for Growth?

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Is Your SharePoint Practice Equipped For Growth?

It’s a nearly universal commonality within the SharePoint industry and business in general, that the goal is to grow. While there is surely an exception out there amongst the universe of operations, this bottom line belief is safe to assume within this article. Particularly with technology integration such as building a successful practice around Microsoft SharePoint, business components must be equipped to grow.
The element that makes this idea more complex is that although businesses want to grow, many of them aren’t physically or intellectually equipped for that progression. The way to prepare for this as a business involves calculated organization and understanding of resources. Below are specific ideas to assist you in developing a business model that has the inherent ability to adapt in unison with future growth.

1. Where are your costs with relation to revenue?

If you’re running a SharePoint practice and hope to grow, the first step is to properly assess where your operational footprint stands and how it relates to return revenue. As your business transforms and customers increase, will the larger operational demands negatively impact quality? As you develop as a Microsoft practice, the goal is to make more money per service or product created.
To do this, you need to have a very detailed understanding of how your profits and operational needs relate to each additional customer or client. Many modern entities have a model that sustains itself to the point of growth aspirations, but crumbles as the structure can’t withstand the increasing pressure. Some companies make more money per unit simply by avoiding careless acquisition of more work.


Before growth is targeted and experienced, an honest assessment of where the company stands operationally and financially should be carried out by leadership. From there, the steps and resulting effects can be better forecast.

Businesses often make the mistake of moving forward continuously until something goes wrong. Part of being equipped for growth is stopping at important checkpoints to gauge the operation’s vital signs.

2. Is your technology able to maintain and enhance operations?

Technologically, society is pushing forward at rates never seen before as we creep up on 2014. This puts enormous pressure on businesses. Why? Customer demands are ridiculous nowadays, with immediacy taking the place of all else. People want, expect and receive products and services at rates never imagined. It is understood that many businesses that you may serve deploy SharePoint for their intranet or other demands, and any program like this must be able to hold strong during business fluctuation. Focusing your efforts on software development and utilization can make or break a business model.
Due to the rapid delivery of business goods and services, the technology of a growing business needs to have the capability of absorbing the added workload. Not only that, but the future customers should experience a better service or product because of your technology. This comes in the form of software, hardware and your SharePoint talent (employees). These three facets of your business need to have the bandwidth to perform at a high level through cautious growth. The ability of your company to expand without drastically changing how you go about things like data maintenance and network administration can make or break your success here in late 2013.


Similar to nearly everything else in our society, technology is intertwined throughout the entire business economy worldwide. What used to be manual is automated and what used to be automated is faster. This isn’t something you need to run from, but rather something to understand and use as a resource. It’s like riding a big wave. As long as you see it coming and you know how to ride it, you won’t hurt yourself.

Are you ready for the wave? If you use technology like SharePoint to its capability, you should be able to ride it out.

Adam Kinsey writes about business technology and global economics.

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