Identifying Unique Types of SharePoint Professionals

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Thomas Carpe, founder of Baltimore based SharePoint consulting firm, Liquid Mercury Solutions, has published an interesting article outlining the interesting types of SharePoint professionals that exist outside of the standard positions, roles, and responsibilities that staffing professionals and hiring managers will encounter.

Over the years, the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem has given rise to new and wondrous beings. These mythical memes deserve some light shed upon them, lest one find oneself trapped in their terrible clutches or wandering the Development Wastelands, like Sir Percival, in search of an impossible quest.

Join me now as we explore the first of what may become many entires to the compendium of hiring anti-patterns for SharePoint.

The SharePoint Unicorn

Flaming Unicorn

The SharePoint Unicorn is someone who can do it all – and perfectly too! She or he is a project manager, consultant, architect, administrator, and developer all rolled into one; a one person wrecking crew; cheap-by-volume, quick, often very hard-working, and has near-perfect delivery; and a multitasking master who is so damned good that instead of costing money, they can recover the cost of the project before it’s even finished. In other words, SharePoint Unicorns have so much ROI that their net billable rate is actually negative – no matter what they charge. ;-)

But, people like this are rare – and almost impossible to pin down. Much akin to the equine Unicorn of legend, which can only be approached by virginal maidens, one must be damned sexy to capture the SharePoint Unicorn. Don’t all you LMS clients feel super-special now?

These masters of their craft have worked hard to become so and know their own value. They want to work only on well managed, challenging, and interesting projects. They’re typically well into their careers, and many would rather be consulting or going on speaking tours than developing in a cubicle for months on end. Many of them get scooped up by Microsoft or other best of breed SharePoint consulting firms. They’re in very high demand, and thus probably not available for your random meetings. They will not be cheap.

A SharePoint Unicorn is not one of your cavalry horses. They will not be your full time employee – unless you’re prepared to offer something truly unique. They’re best leveraged as a precision instrument to ensure designs are sound, lead technical discussions, overcome specific obstacles, and find creative solutions to truly tough problems.

One last word of warning. If you think you are about to capture such an amazing creature, Ware the SharePoint Rockstar, which may be lurking just beneath a thin façade.

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